Become a Digital Marketing Pro for Less Than the Cost of Dinner

Nothing has changed the course of history more than the rise of the internet. Just think: a few years ago, you had to get offline any time someone called your house and now, you can get a high-speed data connection pretty much anywhere in the world (and in space). With the spread of the web (nearly one-third of the world’s population is now on social media), a new digital market has taken over and a lot of people who fail to adapt to it are bound to get left behind. So how do you take advantage or even make sense of this ever-evolving digital space, and how can you use it to make your dreams come true?

You need to become an expert in digital marketing. Digital marketing is kind of a vague term. Maybe you’ve heard buzzwords like “SEO,” “analytics,” and “AdWords.” You know a thing or two about Facebook and Twitter; maybe you even have a Snapchat account. But how can you put all of these puzzle pieces together in a way that helps you sell yourself and your business?

That’s where The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 comes in. This complete bundle is on sale for less than $20 for only a limited time. It may seem too good to be true, but this course is the only resource you need to become a digital marketing pro. For the price of a non-happy hour cocktail, you can buy 169 lectures that cover almost 20 hours of content. The best part is, you can access the lectures whenever you want for the rest of your life, so this course is much more convenient than taking an in-person class or pursuing another degree; you’ll be able to boost your résumé while you work. By the time you tear through this course, you’ll know your way around Google AdWords like you’re Larry Page himself.

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It doesn’t matter if you already know everything about digital marketing or if you’re a total novice. By the time you finish this course, you’ll be able to grow your business, save thousands of dollars by doing your own marketing, write copy that gives you major traffic, design a data-driven approach to growth using Google AdWords & Analytics, and freelance from anywhere in the world as a digital marketer. If you’ve been dying to figure out how to become a digital nomad, this $19 course is the only thing you need to do to stop going to work and make the work come to you.

If you’re hesitant to invest time and money in a digital marketing bundle, don’t be afraid to take the plunge. How many other courses will you find that have over 650 recommendations and a five-out-of-five star review rating? Plus, this discount of 90% off the $200 retail price is only available for a limited time. Why put your future on hold?

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 is taught by Google Certified Marketer Daragh Walsh (who has trained over 90,000 students and worked with companies like Amazon, Hertz, and Callaway Golf) and offers these twelve modules along with an introduction:

Marketing Fundamentals

You’ll learn how to create a buyer persona and identify your unique selling proposition, along with multiple ways to find your online audience. It’s like a marketing 101 that teaches you everything you need to know to understand the subsequence, more specialized modules.

marketing fundamentals

Market Research

This module will show you how to validate your business idea with Typeform. You’ll also learn how to design and distribute your online survey, and how to analyze the results to maximize your audience feedback.



If you don’t have a website, you are seriously behind. Learn why WordPress is advantageous for creating websites and how you can make your own in one hour even if you have no technical skills. You’ll seriously learn everything: how to choose a domain name, registering and hosting your domain, installing WordPress, adding pages and posts, using Google Analytics, installing premium themes, and launching your site.


Email Marketing

With great capacity for audience outreach comes great responsibility. This course will walk you through how to get 1,000 email subscribers within 30 days of beginning your campaign (and why that’s so important). You’ll be able to integrate MailChimp with your WordPress site and add a great lead magnet and sign up form so people can quickly sign up for updates. Using Google Analytics, you’ll then be able to track email sign-ups and other important metrics.



Now comes the more advanced stuff: Walsh will teach you how to write copy that sells. Even if you’re literate and reasonably confident in your writing ability, you’ll benefit from this module and realize why copywriting is so important. Your copy will reflect your buyer persona and your headlines will be all the more attention-grabbing.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your beautiful site is up and running, the course will spend some time covering search engine optimization, or SEO. If you’ve ever wondered how to use Google Search to your advantage, this is the module for you to pay extra attention to. Walsh will provide a 26-point SEO checklist along with 5 helpful metrics that can measure performance. Before you know it, your site will be SEO optimized through target keywords and your clickthrough rate will skyrocket.



It’s not just for cat videos, apparently. You’ll learn effective video marketing strategy and how to use YouTube Analytics, along with what kind of hardware you need to succeed. By the end of the course you’ll be ready to upload your first video.


Facebook Marketing

The Facebook Marketing module will help your page get 1,000 likes without Facebook Ads. That’s right; you’ll be able to use Facebook for more than just arguing about politics with weirdos from your high school graduating class. After this module, you’ll be able to drive organic likes to your business and analyze your success using Facebook Insights.


Twitter Marketing

You’ll be tweeting like you’re the President of the United States in no time. Walsh will show you how to get more retweets, optimize your profile using hashtags to increase discoverability, and join trending conversations. By the end of the module you’ll increase your Twitter followers easily.


Quora Marketing

Not many people know about the advantages of Quora, so this module will be of particular interest to you. Learn how to drive long-term website traffic by becoming a Quora authority. It takes just five minutes a day to make Quora work for you.


Google Adwords

A huge part of SEO, Google AdWords is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Once you listen to these lectures, you’ll learn how AdWords works, how to use it to target your audience and write effective ads, and how to create a profitable ad campaign.


Google Analytics

A companion to AdWords, Analytics will show you everything you know to measure success. It can be tricky to learn on your own, so let Walsh walk you through the process with his lectures on demographics reports, geo reports, and traffic alerts.


This amazing deal won’t last long. Buy The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 now for the insanely low cost of $19, a whopping 90% discount off the usual $200 retail price tag. Normally, just one of these modules would cost almost $20 but today you can get all twelve of them for that price.