How to Make It In the Coding World Without an Ivy League Degree

Software is definitely eating the world.

Silicon Valley legend Marc Andreessen’s famous words still ring true after all these years. But beneath the surface of this prophetic, mildly terrifying message is some highly practical advice: Learning to code is almost a guaranteed path to success. Thankfully, you don’t need to go back in time to absorb the requisite knowledge for a career in tech — you can pick up a host of professional programming skills in the Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle. This collection contains hundreds of hours of instructional material spread across the following ten courses:

The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5

Ruby on Rails has been lauded by entrepreneurs everywhere for being the quickest path to a working prototype. Aside from showcasing Ruby’s uniquely human-readable syntax, it facilitates rapid production with generated code scaffolding and a battle-hardened design methodology. And any functionality that doesn’t already come with the framework can generally be found among the thousands of community-made modules in the RubyGems package manager.

If you’ve got a brilliant idea for an app or service, Ruby on Rails is probably the easiest way to bring it to life — just ask the founders of Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb, and countless other startup success stories. Because of its power and popularity, Rails developers have been in consistently high demand since the framework’s debut in 2005.

To teach you the “Rails Way”, instructor Mashur Hossain will help you build a fully-featured chat app, complete with user authentication and a realtime comments system. The skills you pick up in this course won’t exist in a vacuum either; Hossain introduces essential software practices like Model View Controller (MVC) application design and Test-Driven Development practices. This Ruby on Rails Course stresses pragmatic knowledge with a solid foundation in theory — no shortcuts, gimmicks, or mindless copy-and-paste. Need proof? Just ask former student Benjamin Broestl:

“Mashrur has a unique approach to teaching. At first, I was overwhelmed and had a hard time catching on. However, as I progressed through the course, Mashrur began to work backwards, explaining through actual hands on development instead of telling us exactly what was going on with each line of code as we wrote it. I thought I would never catch on, but by the time I was 75% through the course, I understood most of the subjects we had learned.”

JavaScript Specialist Designation

There’s a good reason why JavaScript expertise is so valuable today: it’s still the only programming language that the browser understands, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. And it’s not just an engine for cute animations and form input — JS is a powerful tool that can be used to transform static pages into responsive applications, process and display live data, and even handle server-side duties with Node.

For those with a background in graphic design or content marketing who understand basic HTML, this JavaScript course is the perfect way to round out your current skill set. You’ll be learning the fundamentals of programming and web development from acclaimed instructor Mark Lassoff. With over 20 years of professional computer science teaching experience, Mark makes technical concepts highly approachable. He’s worked with everyone from lean startups to Fortune 500 companies, and has authored dozens of online courses and programming books.

This course is self-paced and accessible for a lifetime, but it can be finished in just 5-10 hours. After working through all of the video material, you’ll be able to sit for a certification exam, and show off your new skills to potential employers with an automatic LinkedIn badge, digital transcript, or full-color print.

Python for Beginners 2017

As programming languages go, Python is one of the most versatile. It’s the weapon of choice for countless web developers and data scientists, and it’s commonly used as the glue language for machine learning tasks. To help you wrap your head around such a powerful yet accessible tool, this beginner course will teach you how to solve real-world world problems programmatically. If you’ve never written a line of code before, this crash-course is the one to start with. Former pupil Scott Baldwin would definitely agree:

“I purchased several Python programming classes here and liked this one the best I. I was new to programming and the instructor did a great job of explaining everything.”

Python for Beginners 2017 is also taught by Mark Lassoff, so you can be sure you’re hearing everything from a seasoned IT vet. And you won’t spend weeks agonizing over needless minutiae — this course can be finished in just over five hours’ time.

Java From Beginner to Expert

In our increasingly complex knot of web, mobile, and desktop platforms, Java’s credo of “Write once, work everywhere” has never been more welcome. It isn’t all marketing jive either; Java has the high-level expressiveness of languages like Ruby and Python while still being useful for performance-critical applications. In addition to being the lingua franca of Android, it’s also the king of enterprise software. With proficiency in Java, you’ll never have a hard time finding lucrative work.

Java from Beginner to Expert will help you understand a wide array of programming paradigms that apply to nearly any kind of computer architecture. Your teacher is Arkadiusz Włodarczyk, a programmer and mathematician from Poland with over 15 years of experience building websites and applications. He’s taught over 36,500 people across 27 popular online courses. One of his students, Mark Casavantes, had this to say about his instructor:

“I am learning a lot from this guy. Knows his stuff. One of the best teachers on Udemy. Great course!”

Mark’s praise is clear and to the point — just like this concise 8.5 hour course.

The Complete HTML5 & CSS3 Course: Build Professional Websites

Basic HTML knowledge is probably the most common line on entry-level tech resumes everywhere, after Microsoft Office of course. But this seemingly unexceptional markup language is capable of much more than you’d think, with a little help from Cascading Style Sheets. If you’re trying to launch your own blog or portfolio site and don’t have time to learn the finer points of database management or Object-Oriented programming, HTML5 and CSS3 is really all you need to create a beautiful, responsive viewing experience for your content.

In an introduction to website development, best-selling life coach Joe Parys and Web Engineer Shahzaib Kamal will guide you through the process of building a professional page complete with multimedia, smooth animations, and form validation. More than just a simple explanation of web technology, this course will get you excited about building an online experience for your brand or business In just 4.5 hours. According to former student, Salim Ben:

“It took me only 2 days to learn the new fantastic tools of HTML5 and CSS3, now i am able to create a beautiful website using the new tags which i learned from this course.”

Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide

Those with a solid understanding of JavaScript will dive right into this guide to the Angular 2 framework. Like Ruby on Rails, Angular facilitates the creation of well-structured web applications with MVC architecture. But unlike the comprehensive Rails course included in this Learn to Code Bundle, you’ll be building full-stack apps in just 10.5 hours — perfect for busy junior-level developers that need to upgrade their skills quickly to meet demand.

You’ll learn up-to-date web development techniques as you follow along with top-ranked instructor Mosh Hamedani. Aside from his expertise in a variety of web platforms like Angular and Microsoft’s .NET, he’s been passionately writing code since discovering the Commodore 64 at age 7. Former student Rohit Pathak can vouch for his approach:

“This isn’t a ‘these are the list of features and this is how to use them’ course; Mosh does a good job at explaining when and why to use them, and every now and then encourages good coding practices.”

Learn Xamarin by Creating Real World Cross-Platform Apps

Unless you can afford all the hardware, doing mobile application development typically means making a tough decision: learning Java to support Google’s Android operating system, or go all-Apple with iOS and a Mac running their proprietary XCode IDE. But the Xamarin environment offers an appealing alternative: write everything in C# on either Windows or MacOS, and build for both.

The advantage of distributing apps for either platform obviously means you only have to maintain one codebase, but you also get to reap the benefits of having your titles available in the App store and Google Play — your potential audience is that much bigger. Instructor Grant Klimaytys spells it out pretty clearly:

“You’ll be able to make your own apps to earn passive income. Or you could become a freelance developer which I can honestly say it is the best life in the world. You will have no boss and earn an hourly rate of over $100. You can also take holiday whenever you want!”

iOS 10 & Objective-C: Complete Developer Course

Apple’s Swift programming language has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. But it’s still fairly new, and there’s a world of legacy iOS apps written in the Objective-C language that still need professional maintenance and support. Plus, Swift is still a bit rough around the edges, and Objective-C has had decades to mature into its current state.

Anyone who wants to work as an Apple-centric developer will do themselves a favor by learning this object-oriented programming language. Taught by Geeky Lemon Development founder Aaron Caines, this course will give you a friendly introduction to advanced iOS concepts. You’ll discover how to implement in-app purchases, camera support, streaming video, social media integration, and more. Whether you want to earn extra income selling apps, or just enjoy the idea of being able to make your iPhone do whatever you want, this course will make you an Objective-C expert in just 17.5 hours.

Learn Fundamental SQL Programming With SQL Server

The database is the unsung hero of most software, and you can explore the most popular database query language in Learn Fundamental SQL Programming With SQL Server. This succinct 4-hour lesson is taught by Udemy favorite and Physics expert Tom Oswiak — known for his courses on crucial Microsoft-friendly tools like Visual Studio, Excel, and Clipper. Simply put by student John Hutchins:

“This is a must-take course for anyone who will be working with databases.”

Practical Web Programming 101

If you want to get an overview of the entire web stack in as little time as possible, this course should be your top priority. In the game since the days of the 200 MHz Pentium 1, instructor Erik Oswiak will show you how every part of a web-based application works together. You’ll explore back-end technologies like the C# language, the IIS  web server, and SQL Lite for data transmission and retrieval. On the front end, you’ll study the usual suspects of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the JSON portable data format and JQuery for dead-simple DOM manipulation. Practical Web Programming 101 keeps it short and sweet, but it packs plenty of high-quality content into 10.5 hours.

“Good course with a GREAT teacher! Seriously…this guy goes above and beyond to answer and accommodate you!”

– Brian Macdowell

Most of the courses in the Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle usually cost $100 or more when purchased individually, with total retail value of over $1,000. But you can save 95% when you buy them together. Pick up this massive collection of coding resources here for just $49.