Easel Is a Beautifully Simple Way of Keeping Your Laptop Cool

It never fails to amaze me just how hot laptops get. It’s like having a volcano sitting on your lap at times. Yes, playing BioShock for hours on end might have something to do with it, but what’s a guy to do? Perhaps getting an Easel is the answer.

Don’t worry —I’m not talking about giving up your beloved digital life for a spot of art. The Easel I’m talking about is an ingeniously minimalistic laptop stand that is currently going viral on Kickstarter. It consists of two identical sides, each made from bamboo, which are held together with unusually strong Neodymium magnets when they are not in use. When it’s time to do some work or play, the halves separate, with each supporting one side of your computer.


The beauty of the Easel is undoubtedly in its simplicity and sleek looks. But its creator, Jordan Mummert, started work on a stand in response to the pain he was suffering when using his laptop for long stints. As a result, the Easel is — first and foremost — designed to be ergonomic, providing a gentle incline that starts only about an inch above the desk. For some, the inability to adjust this angle will be a problem. But the less-is-more design does come with benefits.


For starters, there is virtually nothing to go wrong on the Easel — no weak joints, and the only joins are where the magnets meet the bamboo, and the bamboo meets itself. Portability is also a strong point, with the two halves weighing just five-and-a-half ounces between them, and taking up surprisingly little room when stuck together. And then there is price: while early-bird Kickstarter backers can pick up an Easel for $29, the standard price looks likely to be under $40. Those who have pledged early should start receiving the first units in October, with other backers taking shipment a month later.

High tech, bells and whistles the Easel definitely isn’t. But for a laptop stand with portability, comfort and style, this looks like a really nice option.

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  1. Nick Bransford
    September 16, 2014

    “Super strong” magnets don’t usually mix well with computers. That said, if the guy is using it, I guess it can’t be that bad. *shrug*

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