Videos Never Looked So Smooth Thanks to SteadXP

YouTube was made for action-packed videos. Sadly, most cameras weren’t. Whether you’re trying to run alongside your dog, or film a bone-crunching mountain bike run, the camera shake can be puke-inducing for the viewer. But a new accessory named SteadXP should soon make things a whole lot smoother.

Simply put, the SteadXP is an accelerometer — the kind of movement-detecting sensor that can be found in most smartphones. Open an app like Hyperlapse on your handset, and it is accelerometer data that allows for digital stabilization, using algorithms to match the captured video with the sensed vibrations. However, virtually no “proper” cameras have accelerometers built in, so no such stabilization is possible. That’s pretty dumb.


It would be nice if the likes of Canon and Nikon dealt with this issue for themselves, but for now, SteadXP aims to fill the void. It clips on to the outside of your camera — GoPros, DSLRs and every other kind of digital camera included — and logs every bump and bang throughout your filming. When you take it home and plug it in to your computer, the accompanying software is then able to iron out the rough stuff. Despite the fact that this unassuming white box is merely a prototype, the results are hugely impressive.

For now, that’s all the information we’re getting, although the SteadXP is headed for crowdfunding soon — again, the date is unknown. But whatever the price, availability, and physical attributes of the SteadXP might be, it looks like it will be a great addition to any videographer’s kit bag.

Extra Time — Fuji Does it Again

The other major story in photography this week was FujiFilm’s announcement of several new cameras and lenses, including the X100T — the new version of the Japan-based company’s popular digital rangefinder, the X100S.


The X100T maintains its predecessor’s 16MP X-trans sensor, and the same F2 lens. But Fuji has extensively polled its customers, and delivered on their requests — the X100T has a brand new electronic viewfinder with rangefinder capabilities, a bigger screen, and a film emulation mode, known as “Classic Chrome”. The new model should arrive in stores in time for Christmas, retailing at $1300.

That is certainly a high price-point for any camera with a fixed lens. But the X100S proved itself to be a pro-quality camera, so the upgraded model should represent a good (if significant) investment.

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