5 iOS Education Apps for Success

In today’s information age, there’s really no excuse for not self educating. From Khan Academy to Lynda, the number of quality online learning products is pretty remarkable. With that in mind, we thought we’d discuss the best iOS education apps.

iTunes University

Who doesn’t want to go to Stanford and take computer science classes from the smartest professors in the world? Now you can, FOR FREE.

iTunes University offers courses from Stanford, Harvard, and hundreds of other top universities. Courses range from technology related subjects to standard American History courses. Whatever suits your fancy, iTunes U has it.

Having these lectures downloaded on your iOS devices can turn any down time into a top notch business school lecture.


Everyone’s heard of YouTube, but people don’t understand it’s value as a major educational tool. Teachers and professors even use it on a constant basis. On your way to work and bored of the radio? Why not listen to a few of the videos from the TechCrunch channel? Search for your favorite speaker and listen to someone you admire give career or life advice.


This is our favorite new service. We are so busy during the day that when we get home, the last thing we want to do it crack open a book; but we need to continue our personal development. The solution is Audible.

Audible is a monthly subscription service from Amazon that allows you to buy audio books every month. This is great because you can listen to these audio books via the app anywhere; gym, lunch, long walk, etc. The subscription service basically forces you to listen to a book or two every month because you what you maximize your service when new credits come along. This is probably the easiest self education tool since you can use it on the go.

How to Cook Everything!

As tech nerds, we aren’t the best cooks by nature. Several of us at the office grabbed this app when it was free for a limited time. It’s a powerful tool that literally tells you how to cook everything and anything, surprisingly living up to it’s name. Looks like a hard boiled egg cooking bonanza is in store toNIGHT!

DocStoc’s Small Business Apps

It’s no secret we love tech and business. The HUGE collection of education apps from DocStoc doesn’t get much better for content. Each app is tailored to a specific topic like email marketing, sales, legal etc. The apps offer both videos and articles about any given topic. DocStoc offers over 20 of these apps so there are plenty to choose from and they are all free.

This is our list. What are your favorite iOS education apps?

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