Free Software for Mac: OpenProj for Project Management

As the tech space continues to evolve, it’s easy to realize how important project management is to any startup or small business. Project management is crucial because we are often too immersed one project to keep progressing toward the ultimate goal. The processes and organizational skills associated with project management are highly relevant to any knowledge worker. Our operations and project management skills could undoubtably use some work, but the following two tools have really helped improve our processes.

Asana – Your business needs place for employees to plan, organize, & stay in sync. Asana is the perfect plays allowing employees to tee up tasks and ensure that task gets completed in a timely manner. This free software for mac is becoming a staple among tech startups and you are missing out if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon already.

OpenProj – This free open-sourced project management mac app is another productivity monster. It can quickly create Gantt charts and network diagrams that are easy to assess and understand. If you’ve ever taken any ops classes, you know that Gantt charts are the holy grail of ops management, and OceanProj is the most efficient way to utilize these charts.

Please check out the following video to learn the following:

  • Where to download OpenPro
  • How to input activities/work packages
  • How to add immediate predecessors
  • Viewing Gantt charts, network diagrams, and critical paths

Of the Cac utilities and all the free Mac apps on the market, OpenProj is the strongest alternative to Microsoft Project. OpenProj is a nice tool for students who want to better understand project management software but do not want to make the investment in paid mac utilities. Asana is also free, so between these two tools, anyone interested in PM can have free world class tools at their disposal.


  1. Daniel
    December 27, 2013

    I think tools like proofhub should be included in this list too. I am using this tool and it’s really awesome.

  2. pavan kumar
    May 5, 2014

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