Top 5 iOS 7 Tips & Tricks According to Reddit

Since the iOS 7 release in September, I have stumbled upon a handful of game-changing iOS 7 tips and tricks from the Reddit community┬áthat deserve to be brought to light. I did my due diligence to ensure these aren’t covered in the hundreds of iOS 7 tips/tricks blogs floating around the net. Many thanks to the redditors for sharing these timesaving, and possibly even relationship/job saving tips.

Swipe for Symbols

Toggling takes more time. Instead of hitting the “123” button to access secondary characters when typing on your iPhone, simply press and hold the “123” button and drag over to the symbol you would like to use. The symbol will be inputted and your keyboard will default back to QWERTY.

The Must-Have Shortcut

Create a shortcut for you email address to save time. We commonly have to enter our email address when accessing services or making purchases from our phone. I don’t know about you, but nothing is more annoying than repeatedly typing out your email address on your own device. Head to settings > general > keyboard > and then add a new shortcut to streamline this process. The redditor suggests using @@ which I find extremely convenient. Just type in @@ and your email will popup automatically.

Volume Rocker Shortcut Shocker

Works for more than just volume. Volume controls can be used as a shutter button to give your iPhone a more realistic camera feel when taking photos. This is also an exceptional tool when taking dreaded selfies. Volume controls are also the foolproof way to snooze your alarm. It’s all-to-simple to swipe your alarm off when you meant to tap the snooze button. Stick to the volume buttons for snooze and avoid losing your job. (hey, it’s possible!)

Hocus Focus

A tap can make a world of difference. When taking pictures, simply tap on the main object in the photo and your iPhone will automagically focus on that object; and more importantly, optimize lighting. If you aren’t using this on every picture you take, you aren’t getting the most out of your iPhone camera.

Text Alert TMI

Do you often have inappropriate conversations with your significant other? Has a text message preview ever blown a surprise you were planning? Here is a tip for you! Chances are you don’t want bystanders to read every text message you receive. Go to settings > notification center > messages > and toggle “show preview” off. You will still be alerted when you receive a text, but instead of your iPhone displaying essentially the entire message, it will simply notify you that you have a new text.

Hope you found a few of these beneficial. If you have any to add, we would love to hear them! Leave your tips and tricks in a comment below so others can enjoy.

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