iOS Bested by Android on Global Usage Stats for the First Time

The Android OS has reached another milestone in its battle with Apple’s iOS. After topping iOS in mobile ad traffic earlier this year, Android global usage (at 44.62% of overall usage) has surged past that of iOS (at 44.19%) for the first time.

The July results mark a substantial achievement for Android, but even more so when you consider just how different the landscape was a year ago. In August 2013, iOS enjoyed an almost 2:1 advantage, with usage numbers coming in at 54.91% for iOS and 28.12% for Android.

While there are likely many reasons for Android catching up and now surpassing iOS on this front, the most likely factors are sagging sales for Apple’s iPad line and Android continuously expanding marketshare in the smartphone hardware market. While this is a certainly a blow for Apple, the tech giant is well positioned to weather the storm, as the rest of the year will be filled by a flurry of significant software and hardware releases and updates. Rest assured, the team at StackSocial will be keeping a close eye on the iOS-Android battle.

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