Now Is The Best Time to Learn to Code

To say coding is the language of the future might seem like an exaggeration or even a cliche, but technology continues to advance thanks to experienced, talented coders. The relevance of programming knowledge across industries and positions is rising. Even artistic fields that seem like the opposite of programming potentially require coding, because mediums are changing. In effect, coding is becoming like a second language, and it’s in everyone’s best interests to make sure they stay fluent.

The great thing is, coding lends itself to self-study. Whether you’re a current programmer trying to stay ahead of the curve, or a novice interested in opening new career doors, there’s a deal you should definitely check out. StackSocial is currently selling the Learn To Code 2018 Bundle at a 99% discount under the Pay What You Want model. Just beat the average price to get the whole bundle, or pay whatever you can afford and walk away with a generous piece of the pie.

This package comes with over 140 hours of content (worth $1,479!) across a wide range of languages and tools. Brush up on your foundations or study the heavy-hitters from scratch including Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and full-stack web development. Transition into more niche courses and tools, like coding for the newest iOS release, learning React (a JavaScript UI library), MySQL, Google’s Angular, and R, a tool designed to help programmers solve data problems with statistical analysis. Best of all, Learn To Code takes full advantage of programming as a hands-on discipline, meaning the courses revolve around a project-based mentality. This way, you’ll be empowered to apply bundle experience to real-life needs and scenarios.

No matter your current skill level or particular goals, Learn To Code has a lot to offer. Don’t get left behind as programming becomes a more and more essential tool for professionals in every discipline. Pay what you want to learn to code today and save up to 99%!