Our Picks of the Best On-The-Road Tech

Hitting the road is a great way of getting away from it all — goodbye overflowing inbox, etc. But just because you’re unplugged shouldn’t mean you have to leave tech behind. After all, the best bits make life easier, capture our experiences and help us share moments with our family and friends. Enough with the misty-eyed blurb though; here is some great kit to keep you powered and connected wherever you are.

1. Be-Bound App (free to download; requires in-app purchases for data access)

The biggest problem when you’re in the middle of nowhere is connectivity — no WiFi, no LTE— so it would probably be wise to take Be-Bound’s app (Android) with you. By utilizing SMS to send information, the app allows you to access data wherever you can get some kind of phone signal. Definitely a good back-up to have with you, even if it’s just for an up-to-date weather forecast.

2. GripGo ($13.99 for a limited time; normally $29)

Whichever kind of connectivity (or lack of it) you have, the likelihood is that you’ll want to keep your phone close at hand. The GoGrip windshield mount (which currently has 51% off) is as good as any, allowing you easy access to your phone for speakerphone or GPS use.

3. Trontium Reactor (pre-order; from $229)

Except, to keep your phone powered, you’re going to need some battery. The semi-crowdfunded Trontium Reactor should keep you going awhile. The aluminum cylinder is hefty at 3lbs, but it holds enough power to recharge your iPhone fifty times. Ora Macbook Air five times. Yes, you read that correctly. It will also happily serve out juice to pretty much any USB device via three ports on the end of the cylinder. Should do the trick…

4. Coleman Powerchill ($129)

Another essential of any long-distance travel is good refreshment, and the Coleman Powerchill should keep your vital liquid supplies nicely chilled. Once plugged in to your car lighter socket, the Powerchill can keep 44 cans plus snacks at 40ºF below the ambient temperature, and it can be used chest-freezer style in a footwell, or upright fridge-style in the trunk.

5. Doxie One (currently $99; normally $149)

Okay, so not everyone needs a scanner away from home, but if you’re on business and/or need to keep expenses, this Doxie is brilliant, and it’s actually a great scanner when you get back home. It scans at 300 dpi in full color, at a rate of 8 seconds per A4 page, and it comes with software that allows direct uploads to services such as Evernote and Google Drive. A must for folks who want to go paperless.

What’s your favorite away-from-home gadget? Let us know below…

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