Current Makes Facebook Better on Mac

Facebook is definitely a black hole that swallows personal productivity. The desktop site is pretty bad, but everyone has friends on there, so we use it anyway. At least on mobile, you get proper notifications and chat, but OS X has always been completely lacking a decent client…until now. Current is here to save us, Mac users.

Basically, it is a little app that makes using Facebook a far more natively smooth experience. Stationed primarily in the menu bar, it provides access to your list of friends on chat, your messages, and your notifications, all via a dropdown. In addition, it is fully integrated with Notification Center, and provides a visual heads-up in the dock and menu bar when notifications are waiting for your attention.


Clicking on some of the notifications, such as comments and likes, simply brings up Facebook’s web view, which is a slightly disappointing outcome. But photos and videos open in their own window, which means you can easily go full-screen. Equally, chat messages open into windows that can be moved and resized like those of a native app. It’s almost a proper chat app!

Certainly, the value of Current is largely dependent on what level of Facebook usage you’ve managed to restrict yourself to, but if you’re a regular, it’s a great little time-saver.

Current is now available for $1.99 in the App Store.

Extra Time — Outlook for Mac Updated

For a gentle nudge in the direction of getting something done, check out the latest version of Outlook for Mac, which is available now to Office 365 subscribers.

Redesigned to mirror, the update also brings a new system of threading, better archive search and a significant speed boost. For a full look at what Microsoft has announced, check out the company’s blog post.

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