Shark Tank Deals You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

With the sixth season of Shark Tank premiering tonight on ABC, the dealmakers here at Stack decided to hunt down some deals appropriate for the occasion…and they did not disappoint. We’ve got four (count ’em, four) awesome deals from companies that pitched on Shark Tank: SurfSET Fitness, MistoBox, Clean Bottle and RuckPack. Blood is in the water, Stackers…

RipSurfer X Workout System: A Full-Body Surf Trainer (19% off)

This board from SurfSET Fitness is a fun and unique way to get fit, fast. You’ll be able to see physical changes to your body within the first 7 to 10 days of using it.

Shark Tank Episode: Season 4, Episode 1

Shark Investors: Mark Cuban ($300,000)


The MistoBox Coffee Bundle: Coffee Press + Coffee Delivery (32% off)


MistoBox will change the way you think about coffee. MistoBox changes what was once a mundane part of the morning and makes it exciting and delicious with 4 new unique coffees every month.

And let’s not forget about the Aeropress. Consumers that have brewed with an Aeropress report that it’s absolutely amazing. No other brew method is so simple and yet yields such a great cup of coffee. Total coffee hack.

Shark Tank Episode: Season 4, Episode 21

Shark Investors: Mark Cuban ($75,000)

RuckPack Nutrition Drink: Combat Tested Performance (18% off)

RuckPack has all of the essential nutritional elements that allow you to perform at your best in a convenient, easy to drink shot.

Not only that, but RuckPack actively gives back to veterans nationwide by offering them employment after their active military service is complete as well as by giving 10% of profits to various military charities.

Shark Tank Episode: Season 4, Episode 11

Shark Investors: Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec ($150,000)

The Clean Bottle Bundle: 2 Tough Bottles That Unscrew On Both Ends (28%)Clean Bottle

Even without their easy-to-clean design, these bottles are top-notch products. Both are guaranteed for life, BPA-free, leak proof and dishwasher safe.

The Square’s unique shape ensures that it won’t roll away if dropped and its fingerprint-proof finish means it will always look great. Concerned about metallic tasting water? Not to worry – The Square has a built in ‘Fresh-Taste Lip’ to ensure that your drinks always taste great.

Shark Tank Episode: Season 4, Episode 11

Shark Investors: Mark Cuban ($60,000)


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