Stack Goes Android with New Partner

After kicking-off with great success stacking up Mac apps, StackSocial will be partnering with Cult of Android to take on a new challenge. Cult of Android is a strong voice in the world of Android and a perfect compadre to enlighten Team Stack on everything Droid. We know we have a lot to learn to satisfy the loyal Cult of Android fans, but we couldn’t be more confident in our ability to answer the demand for quality Droid products. 

Stack is keeping all eyes and ears open to anyone who has any input as to what they would like to see at Cult of Androids deals hub. Not only feel free, but we encourage anyone and everyone to send their desired products, complaints, or even input to so we can fast-track Cult of Android as the go-to for not only Droid news, but apps and products as well!

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