StackTips | Signing Documents Digitally

Printing off documents, signing, and scanning them is soo 2005. Why people still do this is beyond us at StackSocial. 

Not only is this a huge time waster but a paper waster as well. Save time and go green!

All it takes is the Preview app that comes pre-installed on most Macs. We know Preview seems like it is no frills, but it makes signing ANY PDF electronically a jif and it literally takes seconds. So feel free to throw that scanner out the window!

This is not just a digital signature where you type in your initials. Oh no. We are talking about your actual signature on the actual document.

It’s actually quite simple. Just sign a piece of paper and snap a picture of it with your webcam. Once that is saved within Preview, you are good to go!

Kiss Carpal tunnel goodbye!

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