The Biggest Mini Bundle Ever: The Mac Utility Bundle

As we head into November, almost all the leaves have dropped and the temperature has followed suit. When it gets chilly outside there is only one thing we can do… 

Bundle up! 

Nothing like a little pre Black Friday special to kick off the holiday shopping season. Don’t worry, StackSocial still has BIG bargains in store for Friday and Cyber Monday, but we figured a little precursor couldn’t hurt. 

Stack up early with The Mac Utility Bundle. This game changing mini bundle features Parallels Desktop 8 alongside 4 other quality apps that will save you time and optimize your mac. Parallels is easily one of the best Mac apps and the jump from 7 to 8 is the biggest in years. 

Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you. Though a quick Google search for Parallels 8 reviews will give you a taste of some of the amazing features Parallels has implemented in their most recent version. 

Windows and Apple have both made some serious changes to their operating systems as of late. In order to stay relavant, Parallels launched their 8th version so users could get the most out of both systems. 

Here are SOME of the major improvements:

  • Parallels is now up to 30% faster for read/write operations, 30% faster for games and up to 25% faster on boot, suspend, shutdown and resume actions.
  • Use Mountain Lion’s new voice dictation feature in any Windows app that accepts text.
  • Drag and drop any file right between your VM and your OS X machine, or vice-versa.
  • Windows apps and most UI elements have been revamped by Parallels to take advantage of the sleek new Apple Retina display. 

If that doesn’t do it for you, we have thrown in 4 other apps to sweeten the pot. Snagit will increase your productivity and communication while VirusBarrier X6, MacOptimizer, and Rubbertnet will keep your Mac running fast, clean, and secure. 

Already have a previous version of Parallels. The $60 price tag is already competative with the $50 upgrade. Why not spend an extra $10 and get over $165 worth of Mac? The throw-ins alone make this deal worth it. 

Need to spruce up your Mac? Stack’s got your back!

Click here to grab The Mac Utility Bundle before it’s too late!

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