Vendor Spotlight (No Pun Intended) – Our Interview with ilumi Co-Founder Corey Egan

We’ve got a special treat for you today, Stackers. Corey Egan, the co-founder of Mark Cuban-backed ilumi, whose smart lightbulbs are currently flying off of our digital shelves, joined us for a quick interview to shed light on his entrepreneurial journey, what’s in store for the ilumi product line, and, of course, the Shark Tank experience.

What one piece of advice do you have for future entrepreneurs?

Share it, own it, and do it. If you have an idea or are thinking about starting a new entrepreneurial venture the best thing you can do is share that idea often and early. Don’t be afraid and really own it. Don’t make it just an idea make it something real you are actually doing.  And do it! Jump in, work hard,  sacrifice, and make your pursuit your passion.

Do you like iOS or Android? Why?

Historically I’ve used iOS devices for a long time and love the simplicity and intuitive nature of the OS design. Knowing I was biased I switched over to Android earlier this year to at least understand it. At first it was very uncomfortable, but now I enjoy some of the customization and flexibility built in. The built in WiFi tethering has been huge at times. Ultimately though, I’m an iOS guy at heart.

Do you recommend getting an MBA for entrepreneurs?

I recommend entrepreneurs do what it takes to put them in a scenario to win.  Whether that’s learning to code  or getting an MBA, is up to you to decide.  There are many paths.

For me getting my MBA at UT Dallas was huge because it’s where my Cofounder and I started ilumi as classmates.

Have you ever had a beer with Mark Cuban? If so, what type? Give us the details 🙂

I’ve had many beers while watching the mavs play, does that count?

What is your favorite Shark Tank product other than ilumi?

So many, but Power Pot is my favorite.  Cook and charge at the same time, that’s efficiency!

What do you have planned for the ilumi product line?

First thing is to add more and more preprogrammed experiences to the ilumi app to make it even more awesome.  Then we are opening up our SDK and also working with others to create even better and fuller interactions.  After that,  stay tuned.

What other hardware startups are you really excited about?

Oh man, I love so many startups.  Here’s my top five right now.

  • Butterfleye
  • Coin
  • Skully
  • August

What inspired you to start ilumi?

Just the thought we could transform something as ordinary as a light bulb into this amazing experience. That ilumi was something that could really have an impact on people’s daily lives and bring a smile to people’s faces. That’s the inspiration everyday.

If haven’t picked up ilumi Smartbulbs yet, now’s your chance.ilumi_575x300-2_1014

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