Well folks…here it is. We finally get to share a bit about what’s around the corner. We’ve been cranking away for the past several months to bring you two basic things:

1. A community to curate and discovery the best apps
2. A marketplace to get great deals on award-winning software

We had lots of convo’s with friends, devs, designers and just good ol’ geeks…beyond that we did some surveys and a bunch of research around what apps people wanted in general. We consistently heard the loudest from mac enthusiasts…and even those devs and designers that weren’t Apple fanboys necessarily still happened to be using a Mac. I switched from a PC to a Mac about 5 years ago and have never looked back. Personally, I can’t imagine using anything else, but to each their own! To that end, we decided to create a service purely focused on Mac Software. Curating, discovering, sharing, and getting the best Mac Software, period. You’ll probably see more variety from us in the future, but for now you get the gist.

And as the title of this post eludes to, we’re going to be launching next Tuesday, May 31st with our Summer 2011 Essentials Bundle. This bundle will include 10 hand-picked, award-winning Mac Apps that will blow you away. Each component is a piece of software that we considered crucial for any mac lover whether they’ve had a mac all their life or like me, switched from a PC just a few years back.

Life is too short not to get the best out of your machine. You’re busy I know, but this bundle was developed specifically to make you more efficient. Looking forward to proving more details soon.

Team SS

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