The StackSocial Mac Essentials Bundle

A good friend of mine likes to constantly remind me of the following saying: “The Journey is the Destination”.  And, in this case, he couldn’t be more right.  Over the past several months, we have read more software reviews than any one human-being should be allowed, talked to dozens of mac developers, surveyed hundreds of mac enthusiasts and stopped coding only when a little concoction we call: “5 hour Venti” (i.e. – lots of 5 hour energy) finally wore off.  And….I couldn’t be more proud of the result that our team pulled together: The StackSocial Mac Essentials Bundle!  

Our first software bundle is chock full of productivity and utility apps that are essential for making you (and your mac) more efficient. From much needed apps like a snappy windows resizer to a robust video screen-capturing tool to an addictive drag and drop ringtone creator…this bundle of award-winning software was hand-picked to help you get the job done. 

Most importantly, if you bought all these apps separately, it would cost you $333…but for just the next two weeks you can get all 11 apps here for only $44. At 86% off that’s a once in a blue moon type of deal…heck even just one app – Snapz Pro X alone is normally $69. The StackSocial Mac Essentials Bundle is a no-brainer my friend!

And you can feel confident in your purchase as we’ve ensured that every app included in our bundle is the latest version publicly offered. Not only that, but you will receive the full customer support from each developer and all valid upgrade paths for future software releases just as if you’d purchased directly from the developers themselves.

One more thing to note: StackSocial was also created because we believe that there is a gap when it comes to discovering the best mac software available. While we’ve picked 12 crazy good apps for you here…there are countless other amazing apps that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Which is why we’re also going to give you more than a bundle site. In the coming months, you’ll be hearing more about our mac software community which will help you share, discover, and curate your software collection based on your personal network of friends and followers.

Ok, time to start building your mac software stack…enjoy!

– Team Stack

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