Behold the Magnificence of a Drone-Powered Fireworks Display

It is alarming how often the craziest ideas turn out to be the best. An example: a photographer named Calder Wilson, who specializes in taking incredible images of concerts, decided to strap some fireworks to his drone, light the fuse, and then send his drone flying over a lake. It doesn’t sound like the wisest venture I’ve ever encountered (and if you’re a kid, DO NOT TRY THIS). But being a photographer, Wilson took some long exposure imagery of his stunt, so you might as well just stay safe and enjoy the awesome photos.

Behold the Magnificence of a Drone-Power Fireworks Display

With a box of unused fireworks left over from New Year’s Eve, Wilson decided to experiment with his mini drone earlier this year. After initial successes, he has adopted the spectacular flights as an ongoing project, which he plans to continue throughout 2015. Flying over a lake resulted in some beautiful reflections, but presumably, he has more locations in mind.

Behold the Magnificence of a Drone-Power Fireworks Display

While the images he took required little post processing, Wilson has learned from experience that it is far easier to trigger your camera at the right moment when you have a friend flying the drone. But Wilson is an expert on photography in low light, and a man with a dangerously creative mind, so it might just be best if we left future firework experiments up to him…

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