This Game Boy Is Actually an iPhone in Disguise

The tech industry’s talent for April Fools’ stunts is well known. So when gaming peripherals manufacturer, Hyperkin, posted plans for an iPhone case which converts the handset into a fully functional Game Boy, most people laughed. But it turns out that the “Smart Boy” was only partly a joke. In a follow-up post on the company’s Facebook page, Hyperkin has now stated that they are actually going to develop this wacky/cool add-on.

According to the “leaked” plans released on the first of the month, the Smart Boy would look — from the waist down, at least — much like the first-generation Game Boy. Inside, there would be room for an iPhone 6 Plus, which would provide the screen for the gaming system. Just like the original console, there would also be a slot for game cartridges at the back of the device. The Smart Boy itself would be charged through the phone, with five hours of playtime on offer.

This Game Boy Is Actually an iPhone in Disguise

I realize that the significance of a Game Boy reincarnation only means something to folks over a certain age, but for kids of the nineties, Nintendo’s handheld console still holds cult status. Hours could be spent merrily scooping up Pokémon and shelling foes in Mario Kart, so any chance to rekindle such memories is welcome.

Thus far, Hyperkin has provided nothing more than a commitment to start developing the Smart Boy, along with the mockups above. But with any luck, iPhone users could soon have this remix of retro and modern to play with.

Check out Hyperkin’s Facebook page to stay up to date with the project.

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