Congrats to our winners!

Greetings, Stackers! Today, we bring you a few pieces of great news (well, for a few people)…the winners of some of our recent giveaways. Here are three people you can start immediately envying:

The iPhone 6 Instagram Giveaway


This is Anthony, the winner of a hefty $600 Apple gift card for purchasing a snazzy new iPhone 6. Congrats, Anthony!

The 11″ MacBook Air Giveaway


Meet Evan, the lucky winner of a brand new MacBook Air…congrats!

The Playstation 4 Battlefield Bundle Giveaway

Our PS4 winner, Chris, didn’t want us to use his picture, but he did want to share this:

I never won anything before especially online; here I thought it was a myth and thinking you were some form of robot. BUT!!! I wanna thank everyone at StackSocial!!!  You guys have the best developer & app bundles ever!!!! Keep it up!”

Thanks, Chris 🙂 and congrats!

We’ve got more giveaways underway right now…check out our Giveaways page and start getting those entries in!images_medium

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