Virtual Thrills with Oculus Rift’s “Crescent Bay” Prototype

If you prefer your thrills to be on dry land and a little more affordable, Oculus Rift’s new headset might be your best bet. The “Crescent Bay” prototype is a lighter, better-built evolution of the current DK2, but it also packs a number of upgrades.

An improved screen — both the resolution and frame-rate have been upped — is joined by new 360º tracking technology, which is far better able to sense how you move and where you look. However, the new headset is also the first from the Facebook-owned company to have integrated audio (i.e. headphones); which Oculus hopes will further suck you into the virtual world you’re exploring.

There’s no retail delivery date on the new version yet, but Oculus has been busy on the software front, too. At the Oculus Connect conference over the weekend, the intention to build a VR App Store was announced, as was the close relationship between the headset maker and a number of big game development studios. The future looks bright for VR, then, however much motion sickness it may cause.

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