Cool Things to Do with Your New Drone

At present, drone ownership is one of the highest forms of early tech adoption. But before long, it looks like everyone will have a personal quadcopter to send zooming around the district. Many folks have already taken the plunge and are enjoying their new vehicles. But…what’s the point of a drone? Quite a lot of cool stuff, so it turns out.

Any decent drone has a camera. It’s there for remote navigation, but it also brings loads of creative possibilities. One example — instead of recycling the tired “Degeneres Oscar” kind of self portrait, you can get yourself a drone selfie.

Basically, the drone selfie starts with you letting go your remote-controlled quadcopter, before it flies up to take in your epic, wanderlust-type location, finishing with the drone flying down to your grasp. You then post the video on Facebook or wherever, and enjoy the feeling that your friends believe you’re a rockstar globetrotter. Maybe.

Here’s one particularly epic example…

If you’re the kind to hurl yourself down slopes covered in powder snow, or throw some shapes in a skate park, there’s also much fun to be had with an intelligent aerial assistant. While many standard drones (e.g. the DJI will hover and film you from a cool third-person perspective, the upcoming AirDog will even track your run or circuit, making it possible to create your own helicopter-style videos. Here’s one particularly nice video…

And for the rest of us, vacations are the best time to break out your drone. Not only can you get a bird’s-eye view of the area around you…

…it’s possible to get a close look at areas you wouldn’t normally go near. Magma-spewing volcanoes, for instance (not recommended)…

Already own a drone? Tell us how you use yours in the comments below.

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