Google Trend Tips | How to Use Google Trends to Get Amazing Insights

As tech nerds, we are all looking for cool Mac software, apps, or gadgets. With Moore’s Law in full effect, cool geek toys (hardware) are becoming faster and cheaper. The democratization of software development tools (open source, SaaS tools, AWS etc.) has led to an explosion of high quality software and apps (read Mac app). The combination of cheaper hardware and better software is leading to the knowledge worker revolution. Hooray! But this explosion of software and hardware also means a lot of crap is also making it to light.

If we are running a company and looking at competitor’s, what tool can we use to see if buzz around a competitor is wearing off? Can we identify Marco trends in the market with public companies and profit from using our nerd tools? We can!

Google Trends is the tool you have been looking for my friends 🙂 Read on to he how to use Google Trends so you can make more effective decisions.

Google Trends

This tool graphically shows you trends based on number and velocity of Google search queries. Let’s look at Apple’s product portfolio to see if certain products are losing their buzz.

Pretty interesting insights here. Looks like the iPad peaked in 2013. The iPod, as expected, has virtually zero buzz compared to other products in Apple’s portfolio. In technical analysis for the stock market, there is a term “higher high and lower lows.” For the iPhone, peak C looks to be higher than peak A, which tells me that the iPhone is beginning to lose buzz as well (it is not making higher highs).

Let’s try this again with Apple TV and Roku.

The insight I’d take away from this is that Apple TV still has a major opportunity to own the “Internet TV” market. Roku is trending with Apple TV therefore both will benefit by educating the end consumer about the value of Internet TV.

Now let’s look at the smartphone world.

WOW! We could have all made millions if we simply shorted Blackberry stock (or bought long term put options) when we saw their buzz wearing off. As for us Apple fanboys, it certainly appears that Samsung is eating our lunch. Can Apple regain the buzz without Steve? Will a new product like a watch or TV spark more buzz? Only time will tell.

There are tons of other benefits for Google Trends; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative with it and let Google Trends work for you!

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