StackSocial Deals of the Week Roundup – September 25th Edition

Welcome, Stackers to the fourth installment of our weekly deal roundup post. Let’s hop to it!

DreamHost – 1 Year of Award Winning Web Hosting Plus Two Free Domains

This is one of my favorite deals. As a modern professional, you should have your own website. It’s so easy to create professional looking websites with apps like Flux 4  that there is no excuse not to have one. Even if you don’t have the time to build a full on site, this DreamHost promotion allows you to reserve a quality web address so you can link up you social accounts and email. It’s also the perfect opportunity to launch a side business venture/hobby/project. Cool stuff!

Generic Ergonomic iPhone 5/5s Headphones

Alright people, as you may have seen, we have been taking a lot of heat for selling these. We promise we are not trying to scam you guys. Simply put, these headphones are an inexpensive alternative to the Apple ear-pods. We have updated our copy so no one confuses them for the actual Apple product. We have also worked with our vendor to provide a 90 day replacement guarantee. If you notice any defects with these headphones within 90 days from purchase, Bazaare will send you a replacement free of charge. If you lose your Apple stock headphones and need to replace them, or if you would like a spare set, these babies can be a life saver at half the price including free shipping around the globe.

Learn Everything About iOS 7 & Beyond

iOS 7 is here!!!!! This is the go to guide for everything you want to now about the new update. Unless you are a product researcher, I guarantee there is a ton you don’t know about iOS 7. This subscription is well worth the $20 because you will gain lifetime access to any iOS updates. Even if you still have iOS 6, iOS Centric covers it all and will cover all updates going forward as well. It’s $20 for a lifetime iOS guide. Not a bad investment, eh?

Nothing suiting your fancy? Check our some of our free software for Mac, designer assets, and other cool freebies. Also, we only have a couple days left on our Name Your Own Price Macbundle; don’t miss out!


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