The Keynote: How Big-Name Apple Watchers Saw It

Wow. Well that was pretty intense. In yesterday’s Keynote, Apple announced a pair of new iPhones, a brand new contactless payment system and possibly the best smart-watch to date. There’s little doubt as to whether the new products will sell — the only question is whether sales will be in the tens or hundreds of millions. But how did the world’s most influential Apple watchers see it? Here’s how it went…

The Great Keynote Shambles

Sadly for Apple, most observers outside the Flint center saw very little hardware in the first half an hour, thanks to the combination of technical errors, an errant test card and the random addition of Chinese translation. It left many Keynote regulars pretty bemused…

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

As with most new iPhones nowadays, the general reaction to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was something like quiet contentment.  The new photographic upgrades got some folks fired up, though…

…and while the general consensus seemed to be in favor of the larger iPhone…

…some had already decided against the bulkier model.

Apple Pay

While Apple’s hardware always picks up the most ooohs and aaahs, it was the company’s new payment system that really got those-in-the-know excited.

Apple Watch

Undoubtedly the star of the show, however, was the Apple Watch. In spite of its remarkable price tag and reliance on the iPhone, its announcement surely marks a big moment in wearable technology. But many tech watchers were left disappointed by the much-hyped new product…

Others worried about the price.

However, Apple’s creation of the digital crown did find some favor…

…as did the other physical attributes of the Watch…

…and some developers were already imagining the possibilities.

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