Siri on Mac? Apple’s Got it in the Pipeline According to Recent Patent

Much like the Jeffersons, it looks like everyone’s favorite mobile personal assistant (sorry, Cortana) is movin’ on up. According to our good friends over at Cult of Mac, Siri is expanding from iOS devices to Mac’s full range of computers. The report is based on a patent application filed on February 4, 2014, of this year that shows potential Siri integration into the core operating system as well as actual programs (we’d assume that Apple will have it ready for its own official apps to start, with a developer kit released before the public launch to allow Mac app developers to integrate their apps with Siri).

Aside from enhancing productivity and multitasking, I think there are some really great features that could be available with a Siri integration. For example, in my room, I had my desk in front of my bed. I can use my monitor to watch movies on iTunes from bed or if I’m walking around doing stuff (cleaning, folding laundry, etc.). Now, I might be able to play a movie, switch movies, or do many other things within iTunes through voice commands without having to walk over to my computer (and open up my laptop) or fumble around with the remote app on my iPhone. Of course, I run the risk of having my roommates hear me saying “Siri, play Twilight.” Oh well.

At the moment, this is all in the planning and development stages, and Cult of Mac correctly states that there’s no indication of when exactly this feature will be available to Mac users everywhere. If it dropped with OS X Yosemite at launch, that would be great, but I’m not sure it will. Needless to say, we’ll keep you posted on all of the latest developments.

Source: Cult of Mac, Image source: Apple

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