*SNEAK PEEK* Flaviar – Curated, Premium Booze Delivered Right to Your Door

As a special treat because we love all of you Stackers so very very much (we really do), we’re starting a new weekly segment on our blog called “Sneak Peek” where we give you a (you guessed it) preview of an upcoming deal on StackSocial.

First up is a very exciting and, dare we say, delicious deal from Flaviar that’s perfect for a Saturday feature. Flaviar is a club that’s perfect for anyone who loves fine spirits and liquor – each month you get to sample a variety of liquors that the Flaviar team hand-selects each month (at a far lower price than buying whole bottles of liquor). Awesome, right? Who doesn’t like getting awesome new vodkas, whiskeys and other spirits to try (and without having to go anywhere)? The team at StackSocial will certainly be stocking up (Stacking up?) on enough samples to keep everyone in the office nice and happy.

One of our favorite features of Flaviar is the “My Bar” section of their website. Obviously, with all of the tasty booze coming your way, it might get a little hard to keep track (especially after you’ve had a few!). With the “My Bar” feature, you can add all of the drinks you’ve tasted or owned, then easily sort them with a drag-and-drop interface. Plus, your “bar” isn’t just for you – you can share it with other liquor enthusiasts and friends on Flaviar. Very cool.

Now, I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking “When can I get my hands on this deal?!?” All we can say is “soon.” We’ve been sworn to secrecy on all of the details of the exact deal, but as soon as it launches, we’ll make sure you know when you can buy it and how much you’re saving with our special StackSocial price.

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